In defense of Paweł Wrabec and Justyna Wolniewicz-Wrabec

On Thursday, October 28 this year. Paweł Wrabec and his wife, Justyna Wolniewicz-Wrabec, were charged with aiding aid in illegal border crossing. The day before, 2 Iraqis were found in their car near Hajnowka. This is the first time that charges have been brought against activists working on the border with Belarus.

Paweł Wrabec is a member of the Journalism Society, although he did not act as a journalist in the border zone. Like many other activists, he tried to help the refugees who were inhumanly treated by the Border Guard. Deportation deep into the country saves them from being transferred to the Belarusian side by border guards. He protected them from the cold, camping in the woods and swamps, and the violence of Lukashenka’s services.

If someone has broken the law, it is not Paweł Wrabec, but the Polish services which – breaking international conventions – refuse to grant international protection to refugees and throw them back to Belarus. They also exceed all the limits of ordinary human decency.

This decency was defended by Paweł Wrabec and Justyna Wolniewicz-Wrabec.

We are proud of the attitude of our friend from the Journalism Society, we reject all accusations of breaking the law. We will support him. Not as journalists, but as proud citizens of the Republic of Poland.

Society of Journalists

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